EBA Shredder 1824

EBA Shredder 1824

EBA Shredder 1824

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More safety.
The safety flap in the feed opening is an additional safety element to keep fingers, ties or other objects away from the cutting shafts.

Ease of operation: intelligent multifunction switch ­element with integrated optical signals indicating the operational status.

SSC – smart shred control.
That‘s fun – shredding without paper jams! The smiley has a capacity control function: If it shines green, everything is ok. If the smiley flashes, the shredder has reached its capacity limit.

Convenient shred bin.
The environmentally-friendly shred bin can be removed easily and cleanly from the cabinet. The bin can be used with or without disposible shred bag.

Automatic functions.
Tried and tested: Reliable printed circuit board controlling all automatic functions of the shredder including the energy saving mode.
Solid steel cutting shafts.
Robust and durable: high-quality paper clip proof cutting shafts with lifetime guarantee under conditions of fair wear and tear.

Technical data
Dimensions and weight

Height: 635 mm
Width: 395 mm
Depth: 291 mm
Weight: 22 kg